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Pure Energy Corporation (PEC) is an Engineering and Commercial Group in IRAN, active as EPC contractor in the field of construction and renewable energy industrials.
PEC has been established on 2001 by Engineer Mr. Mohamad Kharkan, this company applies the modern technology in order to enjoy Scientifics and economical methods, employing technical engineers and connecting to a legal group.
(PEC) is directly cooperated with specialist companies as its members in Germany, U.K, USA, Brazil, Malaysia and china.
Pure Energy Corporation is an official owner of (PEC) brand and also an agent of shengdong Co. and Fully green power Co. through the Iran.
(PEC) is ready to give best offer to construct, supply and preparation of various CHP power plant in small and medium range., whit capacity of 5kw to 150 kw for use in all hotels, hospitals or any other big building, all farms and tourism area. and also with a capacity of 150 KW to 50MW for use in industrial factories and power plan project.
(PEC) with takes latest technology from some of R&D centers in Europe and USA and advance standard certificates , purchase or made its products in famous china`s factory or any other producer in industrial countries and offer all of products with (PEC) brand to wide range of customers.
The producers of PEC`s products, each one is specialist and valid factory, which obtains various standardization certificates. In a way that 60% to 90% of their product’s or project have been ordered by astringent foreign employer in the entire world.
For example shengdong Co. has been active on 139 projects, since 2005 and was successful for installation of power station. It means that approx. 24 project annually. Also Victory Co., Fully green power Co., MiracleGen Co. or any other PEC`s products producer with several years’ experience have satisfied their customers during the past 30 years.
(PEC) group consist of some department such as commercial section, technical and engineering Dep., seals Dep., installation and after seals service section.
Pars system energy Co. with more than 10 years’ experience, active in the field of consult, installation and execute with technical adviser of design of mossala imam Khomeini project, expansion of parliament of Islamic republic of Iran and including several projects has been one of the (PEC) members, as the responsibility of engineering and technical department.

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